Friday, 21 June 2019

Getting Crafty

Today we offered the children a range of arty crafts.  The children could choose baking, making pattern hats, printing, painting and dancing among the usual choice of activities for Discovery.  We all had a lot of fun learning through the arts.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Visiting Author Chooses Ahuriri to reveal her brand new book!

Ethan brought a very special guest to school this afternoon!  He brought his Aunty Karyn who has written a beautiful children's book about the native birds from Le Bons Bay.   Karyn Wilson, read her book to us FIRST, before anybody else!  The children loved the book and the puppets.  

Thank you Karyn and Ethan!

Play in Ahuriri

In Ahuriri children will be involved in ACTIVE play throughout the day. While the children are engaged in play teachers will be withdrawing small groups to take focused reading, writing and maths lessons. 

“Play is an essential part of a child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.  Play is a vital part of every child’s development.  It allows them to test ideas, work through uncertainties, explore social interactions  and make sense of the world around them.  Play has no predetermined outcome or time limit.  It is not about an end product but about a process.  It’s the exploration of ideas that is crucial.  Play is children’s work.”  

Some parents have asked what Discovery is, and how that differs from Active Time. Discovery is a special time that we have on Fridays that creates an opportunity for the studio teachers to meet the diverse needs of students through well planned, structured, "hands-on" experiences.  The teachers are available to work with the students intensively on the activities.                    

For this we need heaps of loose parts - guttering, pipes, old tyres, planks, benches, tea sets, boxes, boxes and more boxes.  We would love some huge boxes eg fridge boxes. Please could you drop them off with us. This video gives a great idea of what we would like to achieve; -

Friday, 7 June 2019

We love our Big Buddies!

After the whole school assembly we always get a chance to meet our Big Buddies from T36.  It is a fun time for us to do some learning together.  The Big Buddies learn how to be great teachers and we love to have their help with some tricky bits.  This week we made Fortune Tellers together.